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Rank Name Raised
1st Bikes & Beers Nation Bikes & Beers Nation $9,699
Members of Bikes & Beers Nation
61st Bill Berned Bill Berned $2,028
107th Eric Shepard Eric Shepard $1,557
436th Kevin Coulter Kevin Coulter $776
444th Steve Salina Steve Salina $766
558th Matt Cromie Matt Cromie $676
571st Maria Beatriz Zamora-Levesque Maria Beatriz Zamora-Levesque $668
662nd Ira Lunsk Ira Lunsk $613
892nd Russ Gillett Russ Gillett $520
972nd Andy Huber Andy Huber $510
1750th Sheena Hunter Sheena Hunter $278
1922nd Dan Norman Dan Norman $252
2804th Anne Beinke Anne Beinke $155
3178th Bill Kempert Bill Kempert $124
3178th Lynskey Ti Ryder Lynskey Ti Ryder $124
3550th Sharon Blakeney Sharon Blakeney $109
3635th Roy Leffew Jr. Roy Leffew Jr. $104
4077th Tracey Armstrong Draper Tracey Armstrong Draper $100
4584th Sharon Lave Sharon Lave $72
5072nd Duane Becker Duane Becker $57
5948th Diana Lindquist Diana Lindquist $36
N/A Abdoulie Bah Abdoulie Bah $0
N/A Becky Wagner Becky Wagner $0
N/A John Holden John Holden $0
N/A Lorrie Scott Lorrie Scott $0
N/A Matt DeMarco Matt DeMarco $0
N/A Renae Farrah Renae Farrah $0
N/A Rosemarie Robinson Rosemarie Robinson $0
N/A Stephanie Carey Stephanie Carey $0
N/A William Tinsley William Tinsley $0
2nd ASN Cycling- McAllen ASN Cycling- McAllen $5,100
Members of ASN Cycling- McAllen
93rd Crawford A. Higgins II Crawford A. Higgins II $1,649
131st Alex Sandoval Alex Sandoval $1,418
307th Raudel Garza Raudel Garza $948
1768th Sergio Salinas Sergio Salinas $274
1936th Alexandra Nunez Alexandra Nunez $250
3470th Raul B. Benavides Raul B. Benavides $119
5732nd Jorge Palacios Jorge Palacios $50
N/A Amanda Gonzalez Amanda Gonzalez $0
N/A Nick Smith Nick Smith $0
3rd Beef Loving Texans! Beef Loving Texans! $3,587
Members of Beef Loving Texans!
47th Cleve Meacham Cleve Meacham $2,566
1059th Shannon Powers Shannon Powers $500
2497th Dave Mailloux Dave Mailloux $176
4238th Brenda Case Brenda Case $92
4263rd Monica Lambert Monica Lambert $89
5948th Deana Nguyen Deana Nguyen $36
7175th Deb Adams Deb Adams $35
7343rd Jane Ireland Jane Ireland $26
7667th Janice Veteran Janice Veteran $25
8134th Aly Nunez Aly Nunez $16
N/A adelisa grace walker adelisa grace walker $0
N/A Albert Espinoza Albert Espinoza $0
N/A Amy Arnold Amy Arnold $0
N/A Amy Lewing Amy Lewing $0
N/A Amy Magness Amy Magness $0
N/A Angela Wilson Angela Wilson $0
N/A Araceli Bernal Araceli Bernal $0
N/A Becky Phillips Becky Phillips $0
N/A Ben Eckermann Ben Eckermann $0
N/A Bob Marabella Bob Marabella $0
N/A Bubba Urdan Bubba Urdan $0
N/A Carlos Padilla Carlos Padilla $0
N/A Carolyn Ireland Carolyn Ireland $0
N/A Cathy Dangelmayr Cathy Dangelmayr $0
N/A Chris Carmona Chris Carmona $0
N/A Christie Mayer Christie Mayer $0
N/A Cody Lamkin Cody Lamkin $0
N/A Corye Donham Corye Donham $0
N/A Cynthia Overton Cynthia Overton $0
N/A Daniel Howell Daniel Howell $0
N/A Deborah Olson Deborah Olson $0
N/A Denise Saddler Denise Saddler $0
N/A Dora alaniz Dora alaniz $0
N/A Hung Nguyen Hung Nguyen $0
N/A Isaac Osuna Isaac Osuna $0
N/A Jennifer Lamb Jennifer Lamb $0
N/A Jeri Braswell Jeri Braswell $0
N/A Jessi Hill Jessi Hill $0
N/A Jim Alvarez Jim Alvarez $0
N/A Jim Case Jim Case $0
N/A Joanna Teitel Joanna Teitel $0
N/A Joanne Avanti Joanne Avanti $0
N/A John Hill John Hill $0
N/A JonAnn White JonAnn White $0
N/A Karen Wilcox Karen Wilcox $0
N/A Karla Siska Karla Siska $0
N/A Katara Trammel Katara Trammel $0
N/A Keira Poellet Keira Poellet $0
N/A Kelly Adams-Williams Kelly Adams-Williams $0
N/A Lorrie Culver Lorrie Culver $0
N/A Manya Singh Manya Singh $0
N/A Maria Lozano Maria Lozano $0
N/A Maria-Paula Carrillo Maria-Paula Carrillo $0
N/A Megan Gattis Megan Gattis $0
N/A Monica Partrica Ann Mcmahan Monica Partrica Ann Mcmahan $0
N/A Natasha Gaines Natasha Gaines $0
N/A Peggy Smith Peggy Smith $0
N/A Peylin Feng Peylin Feng $0
N/A Randall Goode Randall Goode $0
N/A Richelle Meacham Richelle Meacham $0
N/A Susie Orsak Susie Orsak $0
N/A Tricia Cunningham Tricia Cunningham $0
N/A Van Le Van Le $0
N/A Veronica Leal Veronica Leal $0
N/A Vicki Fuchs Vicki Fuchs $0
4th Team RWB Team RWB $1,340
Members of Team RWB
673rd Bill Anderson Bill Anderson $606
780th Joseph Brady Joseph Brady $553
2715th Walter Palmer Walter Palmer $160
7755th Mike Simpson Mike Simpson $21
N/A Cynthia Gore Cynthia Gore $0
N/A Kristin Wheeler Kristin Wheeler $0
N/A Michael Amstadt Michael Amstadt $0
N/A Nydia Reyes Nydia Reyes $0
N/A Paul Kilgore Paul Kilgore $0
N/A Robert MacKenzie Robert MacKenzie $0
N/A Ryan Gray Ryan Gray $0
N/A Shannon Welch Shannon Welch $0
5th Blood Sweat & Gears Bike Club Blood Sweat & Gears Bike Club $1,330
Members of Blood Sweat & Gears Bike Club
172nd Dj Thomas Dj Thomas $1,221
4584th Meghan Wood Meghan Wood $72
N/A Aurelio Valencia Aurelio Valencia $0
N/A Brittani Nelson Brittani Nelson $0
N/A Nigel Heyliger Nigel Heyliger $0
N/A Raquel Williams Raquel Williams $0
N/A Theodore Mack Theodore Mack $0
6th GVC GVC $1,285
Members of GVC
611th Mike Shaw Mike Shaw $645
972nd Jesse Teetor Jesse Teetor $510
3544th Steven Pinter II Steven Pinter II $110
N/A Daren Pelletier Daren Pelletier $0
N/A James Delgado James Delgado $0
7th I.E. Fellowship Riders I.E. Fellowship Riders $960
Members of I.E. Fellowship Riders
617th Tunde Oyefeso Tunde Oyefeso $639
1524th Joyce Ekong Joyce Ekong $322
8th PeeWee Pedalers of Downriver Michigan PeeWee Pedalers of Downriver Michigan $751
Members of PeeWee Pedalers of Downriver Michigan
489th Bob Arzadon Bob Arzadon $726
9th Bike Love Is Real Bike Love Is Real $746
Members of Bike Love Is Real
1189th James Lutz James Lutz $434
2904th Janice Randel Janice Randel $145
4214th Monika Gupta Vishnubhakat Monika Gupta Vishnubhakat $94
4529th Jana Mills Jana Mills $72
N/A Chance Bike Chance Bike $0
N/A Crystal Oliver Crystal Oliver $0
N/A Darlene Saad Darlene Saad $0
N/A Jessica Chick Jessica Chick $0
N/A Laura Brignall Laura Brignall $0
N/A Tammi Croteau Tammi Croteau $0
10th Wild Hogs Wild Hogs $720
Members of Wild Hogs
764th Matt Chamberlin Matt Chamberlin $560
2718th Tony Bruno Tony Bruno $160
N/A Julian Lee Julian Lee $0
11th DIPG Awareness - Help End DIPG DIPG Awareness - Help End DIPG $717
Members of DIPG Awareness - Help End DIPG
506th Marcelo Ortigao Marcelo Ortigao $717
12th Big Island Lap Big Island Lap $603
Members of Big Island Lap
1134th Brandon Brown Brandon Brown $463
2971st Paolo Piro Paolo Piro $140
13th Shasta Wheelmen Shasta Wheelmen $568
Members of Shasta Wheelmen
746th Alery Mollin Alery Mollin $568
14th Candelas FIghts Cancer Candelas FIghts Cancer $518
Members of Candelas FIghts Cancer
905th Travis Hart Travis Hart $518
N/A Ian Hardinger Ian Hardinger $0
15th Team RABA (Richmond, VA) Team RABA (Richmond, VA) $513
Members of Team RABA (Richmond, VA)
2028th Edward Wentling Edward Wentling $237
2319th Ed Hellermann Ed Hellermann $198
4426th Rob Robertson Rob Robertson $78
N/A Justin Bennett Justin Bennett $0
16th HIgh ABV MTB Club HIgh ABV MTB Club $502
Members of HIgh ABV MTB Club
1036th Jeremy Bohannon Jeremy Bohannon $502
N/A Kanoa Medo Kanoa Medo $0
N/A Melissa Bohannon Melissa Bohannon $0
N/A Thomas Strugar Thomas Strugar $0
17th MTB757 MTB757 $500
Members of MTB757
1057th Angela Casteel Angela Casteel $500
N/A Chris Casteel Chris Casteel $0
N/A Denise Greaud Denise Greaud $0
N/A John Mahaffey John Mahaffey $0
N/A Kevin Hall Kevin Hall $0
18th 3RVS Ft. Wayne, In. 3RVS Ft. Wayne, In. $453
Members of 3RVS Ft. Wayne, In.
N/A Eric Bruce Eric Bruce $0
19th Peak Athletic Coaching Peak Athletic Coaching $403
Members of Peak Athletic Coaching
1260th Markus M. Ernst Markus M. Ernst $403
20th Pactimo Ambassadors for GCC Pactimo Ambassadors for GCC $403
Members of Pactimo Ambassadors for GCC
1362nd Kyle Norris Kyle Norris $367
5948th Annabell Roach Annabell Roach $36
N/A John Showers John Showers $0
21st CMTeam CMTeam $393
Members of CMTeam
1279th San Palma San Palma $393
22nd Firelands bicycle repair Firelands bicycle repair $311
Members of Firelands bicycle repair
1767th Matthew Centner Matthew Centner $274
5948th Mickey Archacki Mickey Archacki $36
N/A Danielle Archacki Danielle Archacki $0
23rd Military Veterans Military Veterans $308
Members of Military Veterans
2571st Dennis Azevedo Dennis Azevedo $174
1719th Brian Wenzel Brian Wenzel $135
24th UWSOM Cycling Club UWSOM Cycling Club $279
Members of UWSOM Cycling Club
1722nd Adrian DeLeon Adrian DeLeon $279
N/A Amanda Gehle Amanda Gehle $0
25th Cycle Folsom Cycle Folsom $267
Members of Cycle Folsom
1824th Eric Follestad Eric Follestad $267
26th Savannah Coastal Cycling Savannah Coastal Cycling $228
Members of Savannah Coastal Cycling
2078th Deborah Wharff Deborah Wharff $228
27th Pushthru Pushthru $207
Members of Pushthru
2207th Geoffrey Coleman Geoffrey Coleman $207
28th Wheels In Motion Wheels In Motion $202
Members of Wheels In Motion
2633rd Justin Duncan Justin Duncan $166
5948th aaron jacob Henriksen aaron jacob Henriksen $36
29th Mountain Biking Men’s Grouo Mountain Biking Men’s Grouo $200
Members of Mountain Biking Men’s Grouo
2305th Lyle Williams Lyle Williams $200
30th Silver Back Racing Silver Back Racing $171
Members of Silver Back Racing
2587th Trevor Brown Trevor Brown $171
31st Team Tito Taylor Team Tito Taylor $166
Members of Team Tito Taylor
4224th Taylor Miller Taylor Miller $93
4584th Justin Moseley Justin Moseley $72
N/A Brittney Ruter Brittney Ruter $0
N/A Hannah Coetzee Hannah Coetzee $0
32nd Team KYBO Team KYBO $152
Members of Team KYBO
2826th Joan E Salow Joan E Salow $152
33rd Popliteal Pulses Popliteal Pulses $120
Members of Popliteal Pulses
3434th Angela Marlene Lopez Velazquez Angela Marlene Lopez Velazquez $120
34th ZCG ZCG $104
Members of ZCG
3635th Matt Zima Matt Zima $104
35th Rainbow Cyclist Rainbow Cyclist $100
Members of Rainbow Cyclist
4077th Sone Romel Sone Romel $100
36th Savanna Rollers Savanna Rollers $100
Members of Savanna Rollers
4077th Allen Taylan Allen Taylan $100
37th TeamProBikes TeamProBikes $96
Members of TeamProBikes
4192nd Alex Yamil Martino Alex Yamil Martino $96
N/A Mirissa Torres Mirissa Torres $0
38th Team Rocket Team Rocket $72
Members of Team Rocket
1954th Jacob Estrada Jacob Estrada $21
39th DA SheWolves DA SheWolves $67
Members of DA SheWolves
7343rd Leann Simmons Leann Simmons $26
8134th Tanya Rios Tanya Rios $16
N/A Becky Hayward Becky Hayward $0
N/A Lorena Bolanos Lorena Bolanos $0
Members of HORSEMEN
5047th Torrey Hash Torrey Hash $61
41st Barriobikes68 Barriobikes68 $50
Members of Barriobikes68
5732nd Thomas Flunker Thomas Flunker $50
42nd TruMatiC TruMatiC $50
Members of TruMatiC
5732nd Nathan Truman Nathan Truman $50
43rd Cyclepaths Are US! Cyclepaths Are US! $36
Members of Cyclepaths Are US!
5948th Patty Lugo Patty Lugo $36
44th Fly Bikers Fly Bikers $36
Members of Fly Bikers
5948th Bill Ward Bill Ward $36
45th POW POW $36
Members of POW
5948th Beverly Ferraro Beverly Ferraro $36
46th Soul City Cycling Soul City Cycling $36
Members of Soul City Cycling
5948th L Denise Handy L Denise Handy $36
47th GoReng GoReng $35
Members of GoReng
7175th Dyan Wibowo Dyan Wibowo $35
N/A Gatut Achmadi Gatut Achmadi $0
48th Black Girls Do Bike Hampton Roads Virginia Black Girls Do Bike Hampton Roads Virginia $21
Members of Black Girls Do Bike Hampton Roads Virginia
7755th Krissy Garcia Krissy Garcia $21
N/A Carla Douglas Carla Douglas $0
N/A Debra Vance Debra Vance $0
N/A Jason Vance Jason Vance $0
49th LTDC Cycling Club LTDC Cycling Club $20
Members of LTDC Cycling Club
8069th Alejandro del Real Alejandro del Real $20
50th Black mass pedal society Black mass pedal society $12
Members of Black mass pedal society
8182nd Alexander Alldritt Alexander Alldritt $12