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Rank Name Raised
1st BWA Cancer Crushers BWA Cancer Crushers $210
Members of BWA Cancer Crushers
463rd Richard Ritter Richard Ritter $210
2nd Hampden Charter School of Science Cycling Hampden Charter School of Science Cycling $117
Members of Hampden Charter School of Science Cycling
1085th Robert Himmelright Robert Himmelright $91
1965th Mehmet Cogal Mehmet Cogal $26
3rd Great Lanes Academy Great Lanes Academy $5
Members of Great Lanes Academy
2229th Holly Rodgers Holly Rodgers $5
N/A Bay View Middle School Bay View Middle School $0
Members of Bay View Middle School
N/A Kaitlyn Bieszk Kaitlyn Bieszk $0
N/A Cancer Warriors Cancer Warriors $0
Members of Cancer Warriors
N/A Charles Smith Charles Smith $0
N/A Friends' Central School Friends' Central School $0
Members of Friends' Central School
N/A Reed Cooper Reed Cooper $0
N/A KHS Cycle Riders KHS Cycle Riders $0
Members of KHS Cycle Riders
N/A Luis Guillen Luis Guillen $0
N/A LG Hermes LG Hermes $0
Members of LG Hermes
N/A Tracy Knapik Tracy Knapik $0
N/A LV Riders20 LV Riders20 $0
Members of LV Riders20
N/A Nathan Troyer Nathan Troyer $0
N/A S. O. C. S. O. C. $0
Members of S. O. C.
N/A Flam Dustrude Flam Dustrude $0
N/A School Chef School Chef $0
Members of School Chef
N/A Mark Wilson Mark Wilson $0
N/A Team Greeneville Team Greeneville $0
Members of Team Greeneville
N/A Nate Snodgrass Nate Snodgrass $0
N/A The Spoke Herd The Spoke Herd $0
Members of The Spoke Herd
N/A Cora Tuller Cora Tuller $0
N/A Samirrah Dodge Samirrah Dodge $0
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