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Rank Name Raised
1st #BralickStrong #BralickStrong $30
Members of #BralickStrong
465th Katy Bralick Katy Bralick $30
2nd #TeamDracien #TeamDracien $50
Members of #TeamDracien
328th Craig Hentcy Craig Hentcy $50
3rd #TeamPTKGrayson #TeamPTKGrayson $156
Members of #TeamPTKGrayson
158th Lori Tokley Lori Tokley $156
N/A #US #US $0
Members of #US
N/A Jason Stilp Jason Stilp $0
N/A Aaron Aaron $0
Members of Aaron
N/A kevin ward kevin ward $0
N/A Adonhearth Adonhearth $0
Members of Adonhearth
N/A Marcus Soulsage Simmons Marcus Soulsage Simmons $0
N/A Alaska Alaska $0
Members of Alaska
N/A Alexandria Burks Alexandria Burks $0
N/A Albuquerque cares! Albuquerque cares! $0
Members of Albuquerque cares!
N/A Robb Schubert Robb Schubert $0
9th Almeyda Almeyda $50
Members of Almeyda
328th Luis Almeyda Luis Almeyda $50
N/A Alyssa Jewell Alyssa Jewell $0
Members of Alyssa Jewell
N/A Alyssa Jewell Alyssa Jewell $0
N/A Andrade Andrade $0
Members of Andrade
N/A Sergio Andrade Sergio Andrade $0
12th Ashley’s Team Ashley’s Team $140
Members of Ashley’s Team
175th Ashley Hawe Ashley Hawe $140
N/A Athenians Athenians $0
Members of Athenians
N/A Angelia Smith Angelia Smith $0
N/A Babes on Bikes Babes on Bikes $0
Members of Babes on Bikes
N/A Jessica Short Richards Jessica Short Richards $0
N/A Susan Pack Susan Pack $0
15th Barb Barb $65
Members of Barb
296th Barbara J Lackner Barbara J Lackner $65
N/A Barefoot Beach Club Barefoot Beach Club $0
Members of Barefoot Beach Club
N/A Terry Osborne Oldenburg Terry Osborne Oldenburg $0
17th Bartlett Riders Bartlett Riders $20
Members of Bartlett Riders
509th Shawn McNabb Shawn McNabb $20
N/A Bassmanian army  air force Bassmanian army air force $0
Members of Bassmanian army air force
N/A Nathaniel Bass Nathaniel Bass $0
N/A Bay View Middle School Bay View Middle School $0
Members of Bay View Middle School
N/A Kaitlyn Bieszk Kaitlyn Bieszk $0
Members of BE POSITIVE
108th michelle beaulieu michelle beaulieu $227
21st Believe Believe $60
Members of Believe
310th Russ Chitwood Russ Chitwood $60
22nd Bentonvillians Bentonvillians $76
Members of Bentonvillians
259th Chandra Perkins Chandra Perkins $76
N/A Denise Hays Denise Hays $0
N/A Beyondriven Bikers Beyondriven Bikers $0
Members of Beyondriven Bikers
N/A Kelsey Walther Kelsey Walther $0
N/A Matt Walther Matt Walther $0
N/A Nancy Chapman Nancy Chapman $0
24th Bigwheels Bigwheels $36
Members of Bigwheels
N/A Alicia Gibson Alicia Gibson $0
N/A Dan Goldy Dan Goldy $0
25th Bike Stop Cafe Bike Stop Cafe $250
Members of Bike Stop Cafe
95th Becky Hanlon Becky Hanlon $250
N/A Bikelifemiami305 Bikelifemiami305 $0
Members of Bikelifemiami305
N/A Jonathan Wheeler Jonathan Wheeler $0
N/A Biker Boyz Biker Boyz $0
Members of Biker Boyz
N/A David Mata David Mata $0
28th Blue Fire Blue Fire $849
Members of Blue Fire
32nd Kathryn Crook Kathryn Crook $533
121st Bill Lundy Bill Lundy $207
208th Steve Miller Steve Miller $109
N/A Blue Ridge Bicycles Blue Ridge Bicycles $0
Members of Blue Ridge Bicycles
N/A Logan Felty Logan Felty $0
N/A Shane Richitt Shane Richitt $0
30th Bluejay Biking Brothers Bluejay Biking Brothers $1,003
Members of Bluejay Biking Brothers
194th Phil Good Phil Good $120
224th Gary Christopher Gary Christopher $100
N/A Daniel Kilby Daniel Kilby $0
N/A Robert Reynolds Robert Reynolds $0
N/A BMWC Cycles Across the USA BMWC Cycles Across the USA $0
Members of BMWC Cycles Across the USA
N/A Katie Bassett Katie Bassett $0
N/A Bradley Medical Training Bradley Medical Training $0
Members of Bradley Medical Training
N/A Steven Bradley Steven Bradley $0
33rd Breaking Wind Breaking Wind $5
Members of Breaking Wind
551st Christopher John Christopher John $5
N/A Jaxson John Jaxson John $0
N/A Jocelyn John Jocelyn John $0
N/A Nicole John Nicole John $0
N/A Tristan John Tristan John $0
N/A Brooklyn block boyz Brooklyn block boyz $0
Members of Brooklyn block boyz
N/A Ray Nunez Ray Nunez $0
N/A Brown Brown $0
Members of Brown
N/A Linda Brown Linda Brown $0
36th Burning Rubber Burning Rubber $431
Members of Burning Rubber
60th Joe Ramirez Joe Ramirez $395
414th Scott Anthony Bumpus Scott Anthony Bumpus $36
N/A Jason Roop Jason Roop $0
37th BWA Cancer Crushers BWA Cancer Crushers $50
Members of BWA Cancer Crushers
328th Richard Ritter Richard Ritter $50
38th CalliesCrew CalliesCrew $120
Members of CalliesCrew
194th Lisa Prause Lisa Prause $120
N/A Shirley Hall Shirley Hall $0
39th Cancer Slayers Cancer Slayers $25
Members of Cancer Slayers
484th Melissa Stick Melissa Stick $25
N/A Chris Nelson Chris Nelson $0
N/A Car RamRod Car RamRod $0
Members of Car RamRod
N/A James Freshney James Freshney $0
N/A Laura Owen Laura Owen $0
Members of CEG-NM
N/A Frank Jenkins Frank Jenkins $0
42nd Cheese City Cycling Cheese City Cycling $75
Members of Cheese City Cycling
261st Jamie Larson Jamie Larson $75
43rd Chicago Courier Collective Chicago Courier Collective $566
Members of Chicago Courier Collective
33rd Jon Gorecki Jon Gorecki $530
420th Colton Applewhite Colton Applewhite $36
N/A Coastbusters Coastbusters $0
Members of Coastbusters
N/A Jon Simonelli Jon Simonelli $0
45th Compass Minerals Compass Minerals $100
Members of Compass Minerals
224th Logan Bateman Logan Bateman $100
N/A CountrySide Bicycling, LLC CountrySide Bicycling, LLC $0
Members of CountrySide Bicycling, LLC
N/A Coy Smith Coy Smith $0
N/A Mejia Jhonatan Mejia Jhonatan $0
47th CRBC CRBC $70
Members of CRBC
276th David Arriaga David Arriaga $70
N/A Crusaders of the Cure Crusaders of the Cure $0
Members of Crusaders of the Cure
N/A Marisa Wallace Marisa Wallace $0
49th Csycho Psyclers Csycho Psyclers $50
Members of Csycho Psyclers
328th Rita Gilliam Rita Gilliam $50
Members of CT LIONS ROAR
328th Darlene Brady Darlene Brady $50
328th George Bentley George Bentley $50
N/A Bonnie Jo Cheron Bonnie Jo Cheron $0
N/A Ed Fenton Ed Fenton $0
N/A Joyce Mrazik Joyce Mrazik $0
N/A Maredith Spector Maredith Spector $0