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Rank Name Raised
6003rd Christopher Abel Christopher Abel $595
7390th Eric Froelich Eric Froelich $510
228th Amy Kaufman Amy Kaufman 5years $4,000
6451st William Piorkowski William Piorkowski $561
N/A Eric Foltz Eric Foltz 7years $0
717th Paul Eustace Paul Eustace 5years $2,506
1161st Don Cook Don Cook $1,818
4266th Ken DeLong Ken DeLong 5years $763
3619th Annabell Roach Annabell Roach 4years $865
497th Ciaran Tully Ciaran Tully 4years $2,873
4730th Tim Moran Tim Moran $705
1738th John Alfonso John Alfonso 6years $1,416
1510th Paul Wahrer Paul Wahrer 4years $1,544
1284th Fernando Sattaur Fernando Sattaur 4years $1,697
676th Mike Kuhn Mike Kuhn $2,571
46th Kenneth Groezinger Kenneth Groezinger 4years $8,046
630th Roy Kisner Roy Kisner 2years $2,636
8482nd Paf Cio Paf Cio 2years $446
6817th Rick Muck Rick Muck 2years $538
16272nd Tom Buckley Tom Buckley 3years $36