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Rank Name Raised
2910th Donald Smith Donald Smith 4years $104
2910th Donna Cash Donna Cash 2years $104
2910th Doug Olson Doug Olson 3years $104
2910th Ed Von Bevern Ed Von Bevern 5years $104
2910th Edward Young Edward Young 3years $104
2910th Elizabeth Aversa Elizabeth Aversa 3years $104
2910th Elizabeth Franti Elizabeth Franti 5years $104
2910th Elizabeth Helpap Elizabeth Helpap 4years $104
2910th Ellen Powell Ellen Powell 4years $104
2910th Eric Holmes Eric Holmes 2years $104
2910th Erik Bjers Erik Bjers 3years $104
2910th Erik Johnson Erik Johnson 6years $104
2910th Ethan Arenas Ethan Arenas $104
2910th Eugene Avery Eugene Avery 2years $104
2910th Evan Fusco Evan Fusco 4years $104
2910th Frankie White Frankie White 2years $104
2910th Gene Dalbey Gene Dalbey 4years $104
2910th Geoffrey Owen Geoffrey Owen 5years $104
2910th George Somerville George Somerville $104
2910th Gilberto Saldana Gilberto Saldana 4years $104