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Rank Name Raised
306th Vinnie Palazzolo Vinnie Palazzolo 2years $388
307th Chuck Hassold Chuck Hassold $388
308th Denise LaChall-Waite Denise LaChall-Waite 4years $384
309th Mark Price Mark Price 2years $383
310th Mary Hurley Mary Hurley 2years $383
311th Eliot Parascandolo Eliot Parascandolo $382
312th Melissa McKenney Melissa McKenney 2years $381
313th Marsha LaRosh Marsha LaRosh 3years $378
314th Debra Robenhymer Debra Robenhymer 7years $378
315th John Gulick John Gulick 2years $378
316th Jerri Gapastione Jerri Gapastione $377
317th Mark Tupper Mark Tupper 3years $376
318th Ashley Mancini Ashley Mancini 4years $72
318th Elizabeth Hoffman Elizabeth Hoffman 6years $375
319th Robert Minnucci Robert Minnucci 4years $372
320th Sara Berry Sara Berry $371
321st Larry Hall Larry Hall 4years $370
322nd Christopher Rosario Christopher Rosario 7years $370
N/A Mishell Goodman Mishell Goodman $0
323rd Edward DeLaura Edward DeLaura 2years $370