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Rank Name Raised
9249th Marius Peter Marius Peter 2years $374
9250th Jessica Felice Jessica Felice $374
9251st Allen Kilpatrick Allen Kilpatrick 3years $374
9252nd George Walters Jr George Walters Jr $374
9253rd Marichui Bringas Marichui Bringas 2years $373
9254th Konnie Willie-Kennicker Konnie Willie-Kennicker 4years $373
9255th Tonya Bratton Manley Tonya Bratton Manley 3years $373
9256th D.j. Elliott D.j. Elliott 3years $373
9258th Renjith Sadasivan Nair Renjith Sadasivan Nair $373
9259th Roberto Tercero Roberto Tercero 2years $373
9259th Sharon Moser Sharon Moser 3years $373
9261st Barbara Anderson Barbara Anderson $373
9261st Sushma Kanugo Sushma Kanugo $373
9263rd Noorie Shahzadi Noorie Shahzadi 2years $373
9264th Christen Maywald Christen Maywald $372
9265th Jason Sina Jason Sina 4years $372
9266th Bob Lane Bob Lane $372
9267th Bart Bolger Bart Bolger 4years $372
9268th Rob Regl Rob Regl 2years $372
9268th Travis Hennegin Travis Hennegin $372