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Rank Name Raised
8246th Ric Guerrero Ric Guerrero 2years $475
1703rd Richard A. Summersett Richard A. Summersett 4years $1,454
208th Verb Washington Verb Washington 7years $4,177
861st gary citron gary citron 3years $1,259
10681st Terrice Mcclain Terrice Mcclain $268
202nd Clay Preston Clay Preston 3years $4,268
948th Raymond Bartlett Raymond Bartlett 5years $2,134
1071st Beth Patrikas Beth Patrikas 6years $1,961
2956th Daniel Moxey Daniel Moxey 4years $1,022
90th Richard Coleman Richard Coleman 3years $5,965
591st Uric Dufrene Uric Dufrene 2years $2,718
886th Donald Sharp Donald Sharp 2years $2,231
2944th Barry Parker Barry Parker 2years $1,025
N/A Gary Jenkins Gary Jenkins $0
N/A April Hicks April Hicks $0
13746th Alex Ramirez Alex Ramirez 5years $104
23rd Jeff Kahn Jeff Kahn 6years $10,386
N/A Johnny Hernandez Johnny Hernandez 2years $0
N/A Ricardo Veloz Sarmiento Ricardo Veloz Sarmiento 3years $0
5843rd Neal Johnson Neal Johnson $614