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Rank Name Raised
3117th Cynthia Johnson Cynthia Johnson 2years $35
3117th Dana Keplar Dana Keplar 2years $35
3117th David Williams David Williams $35
3117th Edward Diller Edward Diller 3years $35
3117th Greg Stevensen Greg Stevensen $35
3117th Heather Campbell Heather Campbell 4years $35
3117th Jennifer Towsley Jennifer Towsley 4years $35
3117th Jerry Gibbner Jerry Gibbner $35
3117th Jim Rossman Jim Rossman 3years $35
3117th Michela Boarnet Michela Boarnet $35
3117th Nicole Schroeder Nickell Nicole Schroeder Nickell 2years $35
3117th Peter Kellen Peter Kellen 6years $35
3117th Priscilla Sanchez Priscilla Sanchez $35
3117th ROBERT Nelson ROBERT Nelson 2years $35
3117th Robin Proctor Robin Proctor 2years $35
3117th Roy Mitchell Roy Mitchell 6years $35
3117th Stephen Hernandez Stephen Hernandez 7years $35
3117th Steven Marshall Steven Marshall 3years $35
3140th Lester Luallin Lester Luallin 2years $34
3140th Vera Goldberg Vera Goldberg 2years $34