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Rank Name Raised
160th Andrew Gettle Andrew Gettle 2years $4,718
161st Eric Shepard Eric Shepard 6years $4,711
162nd Jerome Butterbrodt Jerome Butterbrodt 4years $4,705
163rd Joni Sommerville Joni Sommerville 5years $4,703
164th Michael Porreca Michael Porreca $4,674
165th RICHARD MOLL RICHARD MOLL 4years $4,647
166th Stacy Klone Stacy Klone 4years $4,644
167th Olivier Lotterie Olivier Lotterie 2years $4,634
168th Leroi Louis Leroi Louis $4,628
169th Kenny Ott Kenny Ott 4years $4,622
170th Mary Lee Hilt Mary Lee Hilt 3years $4,621
171st Herb Hooper Jr Herb Hooper Jr 4years $4,618
172nd Frank Velleca Frank Velleca $4,592
173rd Xenophon Smith Xenophon Smith 7years $4,587
174th Roy Adams Roy Adams 2years $4,579
175th Marsha LaRosh Marsha LaRosh 2years $4,570
176th Stephanie Schriner Stephanie Schriner 6years $4,568
177th Lori Drucker Lori Drucker $4,567
178th Eric Koenig Eric Koenig $4,562
179th Jody Brickman Jody Brickman 3years $4,555