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Rank Name Raised
8495th Jazlyn&Julian Chaves Jazlyn&Julian Chaves 4years $508
8496th Lenny Francioni Lenny Francioni $109
8496th Lori Maccia Lori Maccia 3years $508
N/A Christine Clare Christine Clare $0
8497th Joe Neal Joe Neal $508
8498th Brian Pavek Brian Pavek $508
8498th Tony Scarlett Tony Scarlett 4years $508
8500th Mr.Bobbo Berry Mr.Bobbo Berry 3years $508
8501st Amy Gulch Amy Gulch $508
8502nd Ana Alejos Ana Alejos 2years $508
8502nd David Rohe David Rohe 7years $508
8504th Christopher Therrien Christopher Therrien 2years $508
8504th Jennifer Jones Jennifer Jones 4years $508
8504th Theresa Lode Theresa Lode 4years $508
8507th Angela Betts Angela Betts 2years $508
8507th David Leatherwood David Leatherwood David Leatherwood David Leatherwood $508
8509th David Sullivan David Sullivan $508
8510th DAVID ADAMS DAVID ADAMS 2years $508
8511th Sandra Carroll Sandra Carroll $508
8512th Paul Hermle Paul Hermle 4years $508