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Rank Name Raised
8636th Sandy Shada Sandy Shada 2years $434
8637th Han Nah Quijano Han Nah Quijano $434
8638th Karen Morgan Karen Morgan $434
8639th Vickie Greener Vickie Greener 4years $434
8640th Dwayne Graham Sr. Dwayne Graham Sr. 7years $434
8641st Erik Johnson Erik Johnson 5years $434
8641st Josh Yoskowitz Josh Yoskowitz 3years $434
8643rd Kevin Todd Kevin Todd $434
8644th Christy Phillips Christy Phillips 5years $434
8645th Matt Garrett Matt Garrett 2years $434
8646th Brad Matthews Brad Matthews $434
8647th Miles Mishkin Miles Mishkin $433
8648th Douglas Gerber Douglas Gerber 6years $433
8648th Douglas Wainwright Douglas Wainwright $433
8648th Jon Wixman Jon Wixman $433
8648th Russell Smith Russell Smith 3years $433
8652nd Lana Erickson Lana Erickson 5years $433
8653rd Elizabeth Cleavall Elizabeth Cleavall $433
8654th Andrew Wadsworth Andrew Wadsworth 5years $433
N/A Beth Hopkins Beth Hopkins $0