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Rank Name Raised
7672nd Couri Childs Couri Childs $501
7672nd Greg Gusloff Greg Gusloff 2years $501
7672nd John & Denise Tarr John & Denise Tarr $234
7674th Sarah Nezamzadeh Sarah Nezamzadeh $501
7675th Michelle Miranda Michelle Miranda $501
7676th Michael Amstadt Michael Amstadt $501
7677th Jessica Brotsch Jessica Brotsch $501
7678th Tom Fallon Tom Fallon $501
7679th Barbara Valladares Barbara Valladares 5years $501
7679th Steve Holmes Steve Holmes 5years $501
7681st Akira Stephens Akira Stephens $501
7682nd XShanti Lucky XShanti Lucky $501
7683rd Andy Yu Andy Yu 2years $501
7683rd Marie Jacobson Marie Jacobson $910
7684th Sheri Fisher Sheri Fisher $501
7685th Anthony R Thomas Jr. Anthony R Thomas Jr. $501
7686th Christy Meyer Christy Meyer $501
7686th Kevin Grimes Kevin Grimes 3years $501
7688th Bryce Steele Bryce Steele 3years $501
7689th Jose C Verastegui Jose C Verastegui 2years $501