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Rank Name Raised
2642nd Tom Henry Computer San Juans Tom Henry Computer San Juans $1,191
574th Marie Palumbo Marie Palumbo $3,006
13088th Mary Andersen-Connor Mary Andersen-Connor 2years $153
122nd Dominic Silvestri Dominic Silvestri $5,821
3708th Andria Lloyd Andria Lloyd $1,000
11264th Adnan Ezzi Adnan Ezzi $267
4190th Joshua Mason Joshua Mason $864
12777th Ompong Dy Ompong Dy $167
10661st Sam Halulko Sam Halulko $316
4641st Laureen Smith Laureen Smith 5years $799
7590th Robert Snyder Robert Snyder 2years $543
10110th Ray Chinchilla Ray Chinchilla 3years $377
9784th Robert Cole Robert Cole $417
4973rd Vicki Schenck - atha Vicki Schenck - atha 2years $752
N/A Nigie Shi Nigie Shi $0
11188th Jacob N Hacker Jacob N Hacker 2years $272
2370th Daniel Rupp Daniel Rupp $1,278
3385th Kathryn Shappee Kathryn Shappee 2years $1,033
18732nd Alanna Michaels Alanna Michaels 3years $10
13924th Allison Weiss Allison Weiss 2years $117