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Rank Name Raised
7765th Katie McConnell Katie McConnell 3years $505
7765th Richard Bonnette Richard Bonnette 5years $505
7767th Lynn Serrato Lynn Serrato 6years $504
7768th Jerry Tucker Jerry Tucker 3years $504
7769th Margaret Fetting Margaret Fetting $504
7770th Sandra Louise Welch Sandra Louise Welch 4years $504
7771st Barb Kortum Barb Kortum $504
7772nd GCRider GCRider 6years $504
7773rd Sharon Shreeves Sharon Shreeves 2years $504
7774th Carlos Crawford Carlos Crawford $504
7775th Sam Bower Sam Bower 2years $504
7776th Shaz Umer Shaz Umer $504
7777th Jill Rickert Jill Rickert $504
7777th Spencer Lyons Spencer Lyons $504
7779th Adam Dahlberg Adam Dahlberg $504
7779th Manuel Vicente Freire-Del-Pozo Manuel Vicente Freire-Del-Pozo 2years $504
7782nd Alexandra Grossholz Alexandra Grossholz $504
7783rd Jacqueline Se'Ale Jacqueline Se'Ale $504
7784th Matthew McNerney Matthew McNerney 2years $504