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Rank Name Raised
8879th Kate Wuchter Kate Wuchter 2years $503
8881st Marc Rogol Marc Rogol 3years $503
8882nd Dominique Powells Dominique Powells 4years $503
8882nd Eric J Foster Eric J Foster $503
8884th J Wang J Wang $503
8884th Laura Flau Laura Flau 2years $503
8884th Valerie Wolfrom Valerie Wolfrom 2years $503
8887th Kelly Skelton Kelly Skelton $503
8888th Lori Tokley Lori Tokley 5years $503
8889th Carole M Darr Carole M Darr 2years $503
8889th Patrick McNamara Patrick McNamara 2years $503
8891st Ethan Jason Ethan Jason 2years $503
8891st Javier Zuniga Javier Zuniga 2years $503
8893rd Thomas Winterberger Thomas Winterberger 4years $503
8893rd Ulyses Chu Ulyses Chu 2years $503
8893rd Vicki Robertson Vicki Robertson 4years $503
8896th David Evans David Evans 2years $503
8896th Jess Feigal Jess Feigal $503
8896th Sasha Marcano Sasha Marcano $503
8896th Venkata Sravanthi Kanchu Venkata Sravanthi Kanchu 3years $503