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Rank Name Raised
5552nd Gregory Hannigan Gregory Hannigan 2years $691
4516th Marc Weise Marc Weise 4years $814
8063rd Miki McConaha Miki McConaha 4years $520
N/A Viktros Cugujevs Viktros Cugujevs $0
2304th Alexei Bautin Alexei Bautin $511
N/A Reem Elkassih Reem Elkassih 3years $0
13630th Leanne Stanton Jacobson Leanne Stanton Jacobson 3years $125
8246th Cameron Gauthier Cameron Gauthier $515
5300th Scott Bocketti Scott Bocketti 5years $713
2976th Patrick Tafoya Patrick Tafoya $1,109
8473rd Daryl Hawkins Daryl Hawkins 6years $509
N/A MJ Sun MJ Sun $0
10252nd Amanda Gould Amanda Gould 2years $359
N/A Zach Kiesow Zach Kiesow $0
13857th Diana Ledford Diana Ledford $120
N/A Bob Carpenter Bob Carpenter 3years $0
N/A Dylan Neel Dylan Neel 2years $0
N/A David Jones David Jones 2years $0
N/A Grant Strand Grant Strand 2years $0
3649th Dawn Brown Dawn Brown $1,003