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Rank Name Raised
N/A Lee Mason Lee Mason 4years $0
2320th Lee Morton Lee Morton $1,302
5721st Lee Sale Lee Sale 2years $676
N/A Leeda Newman Leeda Newman $0
N/A Leeda Newman Leeda Newman 3years $0
16746th Leif Thomas Leif Thomas $36
12985th Leif Thomas Leif Thomas 5years $159
N/A Leigh Knauz Leigh Knauz $0
N/A Leila Arigoni Leila Arigoni $0
N/A Lela Faith Leinberg Lela Faith Leinberg $0
N/A Lenardo Garcia Lenardo Garcia $0
2592nd Lenette Peterson Lenette Peterson 6years $1,207
N/A Lennon Tomeo Lennon Tomeo $0
3656th Lenore Jagerson Lenore Jagerson $1,003
N/A Leo Arakelian Leo Arakelian $0
N/A Leo Babbin Leo Babbin $0
N/A Leo Zamora Leo Zamora 2years $0
N/A Leonard Starr Leonard Starr $0
16746th Leonard Steiner Leonard Steiner 2years $36
N/A Leonel Sanders Leonel Sanders $0