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Rank Name Raised
15933rd Lin Wilder Lin Wilder 4years $52
N/A Lincoln Myers Lincoln Myers $0
2255th Linda Hovious Linda Hovious 3years $1,325
N/A Linda Lee Linda Lee $0
12633rd Linda Otto Linda Otto 3years $176
15252nd Linda Waterhouse Linda Waterhouse $72
4184th Linda Wolfson Linda Wolfson $865
2943rd Lindsey McNeal Lindsey McNeal $134
4057th Lindsie Santamaria Lindsie Santamaria 2years $890
106th Lionel Laryea Lionel Laryea 2years $6,176
N/A Lisa Alday Romo Lisa Alday Romo $0
15933rd Lisa Aouad Lisa Aouad 2years $52
N/A Lisa Collins Lisa Collins 2years $0
N/A Lisa Dorrell Lisa Dorrell $0
900th Lisa Giuliani Lisa Giuliani 6years $2,530
N/A Lisa Grunske Lisa Grunske $0
N/A Lisa Johnson Lisa Johnson $0
6231st Lisa Kelley Lisa Kelley 2years $629
N/A Lisa MacDonald Lisa MacDonald $0
N/A Lisa Malone Lisa Malone $0