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Rank Name Raised
8422nd Ray Anderson Ray Anderson 3years $442
N/A June Matzke June Matzke 6years $0
898th Tim Kysela Tim Kysela $2,147
899th Josh Sebree Josh Sebree $2,146
N/A Alessandra Alves Alessandra Alves 2years $0
2891st Syed Shamsuddoha Syed Shamsuddoha $1,010
12481st Nicholas Davino Nicholas Davino $153
N/A April Hicks April Hicks $0
695th Bradley Marks Bradley Marks $2,511
N/A Johnny Hernandez Johnny Hernandez 2years $0
N/A Jeff Cunningham Jeff Cunningham 3years $0
5423rd Kevin Thornton Kevin Thornton 2years $632
N/A Eric Anglea Eric Anglea 2years $0
1668th Mike Gaggos Mike Gaggos 2years $1,425
N/A Ankit Kantheti Ankit Kantheti 2years $0
N/A Brandon McNamara Brandon McNamara $0
9710th Sara Hake Sara Hake $329
11522nd David Friedberg David Friedberg 2years $203
15184th Huascar Beato Huascar Beato $61
768th Tyler Geske Tyler Geske 3years $2,384