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Rank Name Raised
1973rd Terry Cooper Terry Cooper $1,405
1360th Brian  Phelps Brian Phelps $1,756
N/A Jamie Fleming Jamie Fleming $0
N/A Scott McVeigh Scott McVeigh $0
N/A Qinglin Mok Qinglin Mok $0
20273rd Steven Jakubowski Steven Jakubowski $52
21474th Dan Kindel Dan Kindel $39
10928th Carl Hancock Carl Hancock $500
N/A Tammy Hassenpflug Tammy Hassenpflug $0
2033rd Joe Cox Joe Cox $1,375
9299th Chris Gamayo Chris Gamayo $528
N/A Dustin Helton Dustin Helton $0
N/A Lauren Diaz Lauren Diaz $0
13864th chris bergstrom chris bergstrom $253
N/A Paul Cunningham Paul Cunningham $0
N/A Scott Shannon Scott Shannon $0
19826th Jonathon Thibodeaux Jonathon Thibodeaux $62
N/A Kurt Franke Kurt Franke $0
N/A Dindo Francisco Dindo Francisco $0
19810th Dave Sarcevic Dave Sarcevic $62