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Rank Name Raised
197th Dianna Reynolds Dianna Reynolds 2years $200
197th Scott Turbee Scott Turbee $200
197th Steven Smith Steven Smith 2years $200
197th Tony Reyes Tony Reyes 5years $200
197th Veronica O’Brien Veronica O’Brien 3years $200
202nd Amy Anderson Amy Anderson $197
203rd Vanessa Wallace Vanessa Wallace 4years $194
204th Fisher Ames Fisher Ames 2years $191
205th Steve Rosenthal Steve Rosenthal $191
206th Randy Hoffman Randy Hoffman 5years $190
206th Rob Luis Rob Luis 6years $190
208th John Alan Lovra John Alan Lovra 7years $188
209th Scott Belden Scott Belden 6years $187
210th Jeannette Schorfheide Jeannette Schorfheide 4years $186
211th Jim Ventimiglia Jim Ventimiglia $186
212th Cynthia Hallgren-Helfrich Cynthia Hallgren-Helfrich 7years $185
213th Nicole Murray Nicole Murray 3years $182
214th Keith Kaplan Keith Kaplan 3years $181
215th Edward Marshall Edward Marshall 7years $181
216th Jim Pickell Jim Pickell 6years $179