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Rank Name Raised
N/A Thomas Davis Thomas Davis $0
N/A Thomas Morrison Thomas Morrison $0
5064th Dave Sarcevic Dave Sarcevic 6years $52
441st Janette Slusher Janette Slusher 3years $836
261st Shannon Dodge Shannon Dodge 5years $1,125
362nd Quintin Reynolds Quintin Reynolds 3years $937
N/A Jeff Wygant Jeff Wygant 3years $0
N/A Artur Bakytbekov Artur Bakytbekov $0
4364th Adam Christianson Adam Christianson 3years $78
N/A Adam Pherigo Adam Pherigo $0
N/A AJ Tarachanowicz AJ Tarachanowicz 2years $0
N/A Alan Montgomery Alan Montgomery 5years $0
N/A Alexander Roldan Alexander Roldan $0
1395th Alix Gillen Alix Gillen $145
1396th Allan Nash Allan Nash 4years $405
3277th Allen Kilpatrick Allen Kilpatrick 4years $125
N/A Amy Renee Amy Renee $0
N/A Andre Small Andre Small $0
N/A Andrea Ramirez Andrea Ramirez $0