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Rank Name Raised
7695th Kyong Chul Lee Kyong Chul Lee $21
7695th Lara Winchester Lara Winchester $21
7695th Laurie Bradway Laurie Bradway 2years $21
7695th Laurie Pollard Laurie Pollard 6years $21
7695th Lenny Francioni Lenny Francioni $21
7695th Liam Boyle Liam Boyle 2years $21
7695th Linda Lamme Linda Lamme 4years $21
7695th Lindsey Dacey Lindsey Dacey $21
7695th Lisa Frantz Lisa Frantz $21
7695th Loren Morgan Loren Morgan $21
7695th Loretta Bell Loretta Bell 4years $21
7695th Lori Griffin Lori Griffin $21
7695th Louis Polanco Louis Polanco 3years $21
7695th Louise Holcomb Louise Holcomb $21
7695th Lourdes Guerrero Lourdes Guerrero 2years $21
7695th Lucy Gillum Lucy Gillum $21
7695th Luis Diaz Luis Diaz $21
7695th Luis Fermin Luis Fermin $21
7695th Luis Orantes Luis Orantes $21
7695th Magally Obregon Magally Obregon 2years $21