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Rank Name Raised
358th Anthony Dabucon Anthony Dabucon $642
N/A Anthony Lewis Anthony Lewis $0
N/A Anthony Locchetto Anthony Locchetto $0
296th Arden Virnig Arden Virnig $706
N/A Bailey Biggs Bailey Biggs $0
N/A Benjamin Bryant Benjamin Bryant $0
1016th Bernie Gessner Bernie Gessner $336
N/A Beth Patrikas Beth Patrikas $0
N/A Bob Weiss Bob Weiss $0
N/A Bobby Bk Koehler Bobby Bk Koehler $0
172nd Brett Graham Brett Graham $912
N/A Brian Berry Brian Berry $0
N/A Brian Hvid Brian Hvid $0
3777th Brian Zeilinger Brian Zeilinger $72
N/A Bryan Moore Bryan Moore $0
6028th Burnell Hinshaw Burnell Hinshaw $25
N/A Casey McDaugale Casey McDaugale $0
N/A Chad Hill Chad Hill $0
2706th Charles Ramirez Charles Ramirez $115
N/A Charles Ward Charles Ward $0