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Rank Name Raised
N/A Connie Fuelling Connie Fuelling $0
N/A Cori Read Cori Read $0
N/A Courtney Close Courtney Close $0
N/A Craig Bugg Craig Bugg $0
N/A Craig Hentcy Craig Hentcy $0
N/A Craig Lothert Craig Lothert $0
50th Crawford A. Higgins II Crawford A. Higgins II $140
N/A crystal clark crystal clark $0
N/A Crystal Goding Harmon Crystal Goding Harmon $0
N/A Crystal Larson Crystal Larson $0
N/A Curtis Volpenhein Curtis Volpenhein $0
N/A Cwo Dave Wolfe Cwo Dave Wolfe $0
N/A Dain Hines Dain Hines $0
N/A Dakota Hargrave-LaMaack Dakota Hargrave-LaMaack $0
N/A Damien Johnson Damien Johnson $0
N/A Dan Albert Dan Albert $0
N/A Dan Cornford Dan Cornford $0
N/A Dan Corria Dan Corria $0
N/A Dan Gilster Dan Gilster $0
N/A Dana Tamayo Dana Tamayo $0