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Rank Name Raised
3215th Ken Clark Ken Clark $1,068
177th Keith Young Keith Young $4,299
11399th Joseph Culpepper Joseph Culpepper $449
4541st Russell Turner Russell Turner $853
1620th Ira Lunsk Ira Lunsk $1,571
2503rd Dave Foutz Dave Foutz $1,218
2986th Eric Bergin Eric Bergin $1,110
N/A Lynne Schick Lynne Schick $0
10466th Nugroho Hadhiman Nugroho Hadhiman $503
N/A Shan Yong Shan Yong $0
4689th Jeffory Frayser Jeffory Frayser $833
16653rd Zbigniew Pancerz Zbigniew Pancerz $135
13962nd Donald Solt Donald Solt $247
N/A Robert V. Glueck Robert V. Glueck $0
1061st Charles Saville Charles Saville $2,050
1328th Steve Vrchota Steve Vrchota $1,768
3869th John Ulibarri John Ulibarri $1,000
N/A Beatriz Prado Beatriz Prado $0
11407th Jerry Smith  Jr Jerry Smith Jr $447
14098th Nicolas Gonzalez Nicolas Gonzalez $237