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Rank Name Raised
N/A Ray Ward Ray Ward 5years $0
1392nd Regan Goldring Regan Goldring 2years $21
397th Richard Webb Richard Webb 3years $241
N/A Robert Attanasio Robert Attanasio $0
N/A William Billings William Billings $0
N/A Aaron Ried Aaron Ried 3years $0
243rd Adrian Mukul Adrian Mukul 2years $416
N/A Adrienne Davis-Phillips Adrienne Davis-Phillips 3years $0
327th Alex Cross Alex Cross 2years $300
N/A Alex Schams Alex Schams 2years $0
760th Allen Bouchard Allen Bouchard $100
339th Allison Jones Allison Jones $287
N/A Amanda Jameson Amanda Jameson 2years $0
277th Andre Varunok Andre Varunok 2years $353
706th Andrew Litecky Andrew Litecky 4years $104
N/A Andrew Parker Andrew Parker 4years $0
370th Andrew Zadany Andrew Zadany 2years $261
N/A ANDY Ortiz ANDY Ortiz $0
616th Andy Payne Andy Payne $124
616th Anthony Badalamenti Anthony Badalamenti 2years $124