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Rank Name Raised
N/A Cynthia Peebles Cynthia Peebles $0
N/A Emmanuel De La Rosa Emmanuel De La Rosa $0
3rd Paul Eustace Paul Eustace $848.70
N/A Karl Althaus Karl Althaus $0
N/A brandon post brandon post $0
138th Carl Christensen Carl Christensen $40
N/A Charles Ward Charles Ward $0
165th Dan Dederick Dan Dederick $25
N/A David Foss David Foss $0
N/A Doug Reitman Doug Reitman $0
N/A Eric Shepard Eric Shepard $0
N/A Fran Wenbert Fran Wenbert $0
N/A Frank Krebs Frank Krebs $0
N/A Gaburu Twitch Gaburu Twitch $0
158th George Bays George Bays $25.88
N/A Jacob Yaeger Jacob Yaeger $0
N/A Jaimeet Patel Jaimeet Patel $0
81st Jeff Kahn Jeff Kahn $76.75
N/A Joel Avina Joel Avina $0
N/A Joel Biller Joel Biller $0