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Rank Name Raised
212th Jasmin Cromwell Jasmin Cromwell $471
213th Chad Martson Chad Martson 4years $463
214th Janice Veteran Janice Veteran 3years $457
215th Tracey Condon-Kneifl Tracey Condon-Kneifl 2years $455
216th Keith Wills Keith Wills 7years $452
217th Amanda Vandenberg Amanda Vandenberg 7years $451
218th Paul Dougherty Paul Dougherty 4years $450
219th Karen Austin Karen Austin 3years $445
220th Lynda Poush Ueberall Lynda Poush Ueberall 3years $440
221st Jaclynn Guilfoyle Jaclynn Guilfoyle 4years $439
222nd Allen Bunn Allen Bunn 4years $439
223rd David Spitulnik David Spitulnik 5years $433
224th Cory Sellers Cory Sellers 3years $431
225th Jared Segal Jared Segal $430
226th Enver Bristina Enver Bristina 2years $430
227th Terry Newell Terry Newell $429
228th Stanley Lin Stanley Lin $428
229th Donald Kingston Donald Kingston 5years $428
230th Kevin Dowkes Kevin Dowkes 4years $424
231st Jay Mercado Jay Mercado 6years $424