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Rank Name Raised
N/A James Phillips James Phillips $0
N/A James Piazza James Piazza $0
56th James Pikarski James Pikarski $1,032
1213th James Pitts James Pitts $36
1061st James Pruitt James Pruitt $52
1646th James R Griffin James R Griffin 2years $5
N/A James Ramirez James Ramirez $0
N/A James Rathburn James Rathburn 3years $0
N/A James Raymer James Raymer $0
N/A James Rondeau James Rondeau $0
N/A James Roork James Roork $0
N/A James Scott James Scott 3years $0
484th James Simmons James Simmons 7years $200
N/A James Slupski James Slupski 2years $0
1213th James Smith James Smith $36
747th James Smith James Smith 3years $109
N/A James Straughter James Straughter $0
N/A James Suttle James Suttle $0
N/A James Sweeney James Sweeney 2years $0
N/A James Taylor James Taylor 2years $0