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Rank Name Raised
942nd Kyle Norris Kyle Norris $2,202
N/A Alessandra Alves Alessandra Alves $0
1681st Robert Nudy Robert Nudy $1,545
2367th David Rosen David Rosen $1,255
13845th chris bergstrom chris bergstrom $253
1416th Evan Fusco Evan Fusco $1,710
8316th peter ahee peter ahee $565
2232nd Richard Gottlieb Richard Gottlieb $1,298
N/A Takuma Habu Takuma Habu $0
6373rd Mylene Huynh Mylene Huynh $674
2308th Ronald Begnoche Ronald Begnoche $1,273
N/A Brent Tininenko Brent Tininenko $0
1955th Terry Cooper Terry Cooper $1,405
N/A Michael Piet Michael Piet $0
15389th Cory Leonhardt Cory Leonhardt $180
N/A Matthew Rios Matthew Rios $0
1055th Jon Vinge Jon Vinge $2,060
12159th Keith Kingsolver Keith Kingsolver $359
2617th James Sampson James Sampson $1,195
23922nd Delvin Ishman Delvin Ishman $20