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Rank Name Raised
7668th Johnny Thunder Johnny Thunder $600
N/A Hung Nguyen Hung Nguyen $0
9991st David Adae David Adae $508
2159th Riana Annandale Riana Annandale $1,322
N/A Sandro Funchal Do Nascimento Sandro Funchal Do Nascimento $0
11210th Owen Hartley Owen Hartley $467
N/A Michael Buche Michael Buche $0
14500th Wendy Mader Wendy Mader $217
1783rd Gordy Yowell Gordy Yowell $1,502
14062nd Mike Romanowski Mike Romanowski $241
22779th abraham aguilar abraham aguilar $31
510th Andy Schuller Andy Schuller $2,895
21709th Edgar Strange Edgar Strange $36
3302nd Annabell Roach Annabell Roach $1,056
6481st Eva Elizabeth Jakabfi Eva Elizabeth Jakabfi $665
N/A Lauren Diaz Lauren Diaz $0
11278th Jeff Key Jeff Key $461
6245th Douglas Lee Douglas Lee $683
8388th Peter Vajda Peter Vajda $562
N/A Gedeon Pagarigan Gedeon Pagarigan $0