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Rank Name Raised
215th Thomas Doyle Thomas Doyle 4years $4,264
121st Xenophon Smith Xenophon Smith 7years $5,531
3752nd Terry Cooper Terry Cooper 7years $784
14371st Diane Benoit Diane Benoit $31
1350th Logan Minter Logan Minter $1,608
4153rd Dzu Doan Dzu Doan $716
3161st Gabe Multer Gabe Multer $909
7261st Jason Lewis Jason Lewis $440
2449th Jessica Bradley Jessica Bradley 4years $1,076
3770th Glenn Baldwin Glenn Baldwin 4years $780
1447th Jeff Phad Jeff Phad 7years $1,531
22nd Kenny Weddle Kenny Weddle 4years $13,427
645th Mark Monaco Mark Monaco 4years $2,623
12791st Ryan Schram Ryan Schram $50
3309th Nancy Webb Nancy Webb 3years $874
1103rd Mark Faul Mark Faul 3years $1,857
5941st Richard Wharff Richard Wharff $531
7043rd Jackson Szurley Jackson Szurley 2years $488
11389th Marcy Taylor Marcy Taylor 2years $556
7362nd Kelly Leavitt Kelly Leavitt 3years $423