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Rank Name Raised
N/A Mark Derr Mark Derr $0
621st Mark Oliver Mark Oliver $36
N/A Marlynn May Marlynn May $0
N/A Marna Cornille Marna Cornille $0
N/A Martin Rodriguez Martin Rodriguez $0
439th Mary Doyle Mary Doyle $98
N/A Mary Figueroa-Garrison Mary Figueroa-Garrison $0
807th Mary Kincannon Mary Kincannon $10
N/A MaryAnn Arhar MaryAnn Arhar $0
N/A Matt Dowdy Matt Dowdy $0
N/A Matthew Colon Matthew Colon $0
N/A Matthew T Schmeltz Matthew T Schmeltz Matthew T Schmeltz Matthew T Schmeltz $0
N/A Megan Gattis Megan Gattis $0
751st Mehmet Cogal Mehmet Cogal $25
621st Melanie Charron Melanie Charron $36
N/A Melissa Allport Melissa Allport $0
N/A Melissa Baldwin Melissa Baldwin $0
N/A Melissa Hiebert Melissa Hiebert $0
N/A Melissa Zapata Melissa Zapata $0
N/A Melody Sieverts Melody Sieverts $0