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Rank Name Raised
3128th Thad Gage Thad Gage 3years $917
3129th Jeanine Jones-Elkins Jeanine Jones-Elkins 3years $917
3130th Christy Chase Christy Chase 6years $916
3131st Brian Lee Brian Lee $916
3132nd Lauren Brink Lauren Brink 5years $916
3133rd Michael Theroux Michael Theroux 6years $916
3134th Valentin Franco Valentin Franco 2years $915
3135th Zach Frey Zach Frey $915
3136th Dennis Schafer Dennis Schafer 3years $915
3137th Gail Marlin Gail Marlin $915
3138th Maureen Fitton Maureen Fitton 6years $915
3139th William Meier William Meier $915
3140th Tangela Proffitt Tangela Proffitt 2years $914
3141st Mark Domann Mark Domann 2years $914
3142nd Aaron Beckstead Aaron Beckstead $914
3143rd Dan Ferro Dan Ferro 3years $913
3144th Ginny Nixon Ginny Nixon 3years $913
3145th Mark Brown Mark Brown $913
3146th Stuart Goodman Stuart Goodman $912
3147th Kaitlyn Ramsey Kaitlyn Ramsey $912