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Rank Name Raised
3346th Pennell Kerford Pennell Kerford $910
3347th Rex Hoppa Rex Hoppa $909
3348th David Diskin David Diskin $909
3349th Frank Krebs Frank Krebs 6years $909
3350th Zachary Wenzel Zachary Wenzel $909
3351st Kimberly McGrody Kimberly McGrody $909
3352nd Stan Olds Stan Olds $908
3353rd Jay Burkhard Jay Burkhard 3years $908
3354th JoAnna Potter JoAnna Potter 4years $908
3355th Jacob Rebholz Jacob Rebholz 2years $908
3356th Michael Nabers Michael Nabers $908
3357th Mikki Cusack Barbaro Mikki Cusack Barbaro $907
3358th Jeff Esteban Jeff Esteban 5years $907
3359th Mike Maurer Mike Maurer 2years $907
3360th Luis Forero Luis Forero 6years $907
3361st Patty Torres Patty Torres 2years $907
3362nd Glenn Aber Danz Glenn Aber Danz 2years $907
3363rd Nate Morton Nate Morton $907
3364th Bob Montemayor Bob Montemayor 3years $907
3365th Diane Loughrey Diane Loughrey 2years $906