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Rank Name Raised
3507th Dawn Brown Dawn Brown $930
3508th Andria Lloyd Andria Lloyd $930
3509th Whitney Delforge Whitney Delforge 3years $930
3510th Pennell Kerford Pennell Kerford $930
3511th Mark Wood Mark Wood 4years $930
3512th Billy Kindred Billy Kindred 3years $930
3513th Wayne Sandbulte Wayne Sandbulte 7years $930
3514th Amy Sekol Amy Sekol $930
3515th John HUEGEL John HUEGEL $929
3516th Emily Beckers Emily Beckers 2years $929
3517th Andi Pfisterer Andi Pfisterer 4years $929
3517th Diane Gill Diane Gill 2years $929
3519th Carter Price Carter Price 4years $929
3520th Emily Lizotte Emily Lizotte $928
3521st Lucy VanRuff Lucy VanRuff 3years $928
3522nd Mark Kelly Mark Kelly $928
3523rd Koky Sisoura Koky Sisoura $927
3524th Niyati Waghulde Niyati Waghulde $927
3525th Terence Morrow Terence Morrow 4years $927
3526th Andrew Van Peer Andrew Van Peer $927