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Rank Name Raised
3441st Jamie Moffit Jamie Moffit 4years $894
3442nd Alicia Jasso Alicia Jasso 3years $893
3443rd James Wilde James Wilde 4years $893
3444th Jeremy Schweitzer Jeremy Schweitzer 4years $893
3445th Greg Holland Greg Holland 7years $892
3446th Michelle Valencia Michelle Valencia 2years $892
3447th Wendy White Wendy White 2years $892
3448th Dale Clark Dale Clark $892
3448th Mark Smith Mark Smith 7years $945
3448th Pamela Champagne Pamela Champagne 2years $892
3450th Daniel Florez Daniel Florez 2years $892
3451st Mikayla Arett Mikayla Arett $891
3452nd Karen Bros Karen Bros $890
3453rd David LoDestro David LoDestro $890
3454th Carroll Midgette Carroll Midgette 2years $890
3455th Margaret Weiss Margaret Weiss $890
3455th Sandy Yazzie Sandy Yazzie 6years $890
3457th Jenny Charles Jenny Charles 7years $890
3458th Adam Winn Adam Winn 3years $889
3459th Rachael Wagoner Rachael Wagoner 3years $889