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Rank Name Raised
N/A Mark Butler Mark Butler 3years $0
N/A Mark Cichosz Mark Cichosz 4years $0
N/A Mark Mitri Mark Mitri 4years $0
2455th Mary Cloud Mary Cloud 2years $36
N/A Melissa Tourtellott Melissa Tourtellott 6years $0
N/A Michael Panacek Michael Panacek 6years $0
N/A Michael Short Michael Short 2years $0
1545th Mike Cicchetti Mike Cicchetti 3years $100
1983rd Mike Jones Mike Jones 5years $62
2455th Nicolaas Van Wyk Nicolaas Van Wyk 3years $36
3342nd Paolo Piro Paolo Piro 3years $21
N/A Patrick Erhardt Patrick Erhardt 3years $0
1246th Paul Rooke Paul Rooke 2years $109
N/A Perry Stein Perry Stein 2years $0
N/A Rafael Burgos Rafael Burgos $0
1279th Raudel Garza Raudel Garza 3years $104
N/A Richard James Hartline Richard James Hartline 2years $0
2423rd ricky belanger ricky belanger 5years $45
N/A Rob Cappelletti Rob Cappelletti $0
N/A Robert McDowell Robert McDowell 3years $0