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Rank Name Raised
N/A Mike Guckes Mike Guckes $0
N/A Mike Leavitt Mike Leavitt $0
N/A Miller Longbotham Miller Longbotham $1,051
N/A Naga Vivekanandan Naga Vivekanandan $0
N/A Nancy Michael Nancy Michael $0
N/A Nestor San Luis Nestor San Luis $0
N/A Nhan Truong Nhan Truong $0
N/A Nicole Bolivar Nicole Bolivar $0
N/A Olaina Silva Olaina Silva $0
N/A Omar Ojeda Omar Ojeda $0
N/A Page Bouldin Page Bouldin $0
N/A Pat Smith Pat Smith $0
N/A Patricia Aitken Patricia Aitken $0
N/A Patricia Flores Patricia Flores $0
N/A Pavan Haravu Pavan Haravu $0
N/A Priscilla Gonzalez Priscilla Gonzalez $0
N/A Ramon Delarosa Ramon Delarosa $0
N/A Ray Noguera Ray Noguera $0
N/A Rebecca Jones Rebecca Jones $0
N/A Rebecca Moore Rebecca Moore $0