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Rank Name Raised
4515th Tim Beaudoin Tim Beaudoin $530.40
1376th peter ahee peter ahee $1,060.33
5996th Denise Brown-Jaehrling Denise Brown-Jaehrling $1,421.30
4179th Mark Wilson Mark Wilson $553.73
10961st Richard Olsen Richard Olsen $114.21
9662nd Kevin Smith Kevin Smith $162.28
14818th Marty Cormack Marty Cormack $36.23
273rd Erin Mingrone Erin Mingrone $2,581.89
3659th Corey Curtiss Corey Curtiss $599.03
14818th Conor Poull Conor Poull $36.23
12351st Jeffrey Ried Jeffrey Ried $76.93
68th Greg Thornton Greg Thornton $4,600.38
4627th Mark Youngblood Mark Youngblood $524.56
N/A Joseph Mirocke Joseph Mirocke $740.08
N/A Stephen Bartels Stephen Bartels $0
201st Terry Cooper Terry Cooper $2,937.79
15677th Mark Connerton Mark Connerton $31.05
1655th Brian Baucom Brian Baucom $967.43
1593rd Tony Passino Tony Passino $1,001.36
1288th Sue Runyon Sue Runyon $1,095.10