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Rank Name Raised
N/A Valentin Letelier Valentin Letelier $0
N/A Valentin Yakimyuk Valentin Yakimyuk $0
N/A Valentina Espinosa Valentina Espinosa $0
N/A Valentina Fields Valentina Fields $0
N/A Valentina Laberkova Valentina Laberkova $0
N/A Valentina Vedeshenkova Valentina Vedeshenkova $0
N/A Valentino Lenarduzzi Valentino Lenarduzzi $0
N/A Valentino Vela Valentino Vela $0
N/A Valeria Frierson Valeria Frierson $0
N/A Valeria Mejia Valeria Mejia $0
N/A Valeria Zambrana Valeria Zambrana $0
N/A Valerie Abston Valerie Abston $0
N/A Valerie Bailey Valerie Bailey $0
N/A Valerie Bashop Valerie Bashop $0
N/A Valerie Burgoyne Valerie Burgoyne $0
N/A Valerie Dansie Valerie Dansie $0
N/A Valerie Driscoll Valerie Driscoll $0
N/A Valerie Emerick Valerie Emerick $0
N/A Valerie Falconer Valerie Falconer $0
N/A Valerie Gamache Valerie Gamache $0