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Rank Name Raised
N/A June Matzke June Matzke $0
N/A Nicholas Friedl Nicholas Friedl $0
2969th Victor Yates Victor Yates $1,113
344th Oscar Londono Oscar Londono $3,319
9579th Brian Scholder Brian Scholder $519
18888th Jason Castro Jason Castro $78
12098th Danny Foster Danny Foster $364
N/A Scott Varwig Scott Varwig $0
17693rd diego alvarez diego alvarez $104
4626th Paul Klitzke Paul Klitzke $843
6593rd Yogi Kasi Yogi Kasi $658
15373rd Ariuntulga Tserendavaa Ariuntulga Tserendavaa $180
N/A Mike Card Mike Card $0
18074th Robert Kovarik Robert Kovarik $100
3403rd Terence Morrow Terence Morrow $1,041
16293rd Kristopher Sands Kristopher Sands $148
12075th Gregory Canizzaro Gregory Canizzaro $366
N/A edgar carrasco edgar carrasco $0
2839th Linda Porter Linda Porter $1,140
4278th Chris Schnyder Chris Schnyder $898