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Rank Name Raised
7762nd Harry Staunton Harry Staunton $509
7762nd Paul Magyar Paul Magyar 2years $509
7762nd Sierra Mack Sierra Mack 2years $509
7765th Karen Hirschy Karen Hirschy $509
7766th Cirilo Macias II Cirilo Macias II 2years $509
7767th Daryl Hawkins Daryl Hawkins 6years $509
7767th Melissa McKenney Melissa McKenney $509
7769th John Norris John Norris 3years $509
7770th Eric Mangold Eric Mangold 4years $508
7770th eric schoech eric schoech 2years $508
7772nd Shannon Foster Shannon Foster 2years $508
7773rd Jerry Bauer Jerry Bauer $508
7773rd Mark Myers Mark Myers 3years $508
7775th Kendal Boucher Kendal Boucher $508
7776th John Gauthier John Gauthier 2years $508
7777th Vincent Esposito Vincent Esposito $508
7778th Nicole Cairns Nicole Cairns $508
7779th Caitlin Horsfall Caitlin Horsfall $508
7780th Chad Eckman Chad Eckman $508
7781st Bobby Wolfe Bobby Wolfe $508