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Rank Name Raised
21st Sean Berry Sean Berry $1,198
22nd Michael Harris Michael Harris $1,195
23rd Kathleen Halleck Kathleen Halleck $1,192
24th Sara Lohman Sara Lohman $1,176
25th Brandon David East Brandon David East $1,114
26th Bob Wood Bob Wood $1,092
27th Saravana Kumar Saravana Kumar $1,088
28th Randall Yagiela Randall Yagiela $1,084
29th Paul Cupp Paul Cupp $1,078
30th Ronie Sandoval Ronie Sandoval $1,065
31st Kenneth Taylor Kenneth Taylor $1,061
32nd Paul Eustace Paul Eustace $1,051
33rd Janet Beckley Janet Beckley $1,035
34th John Ramey John Ramey $1,033
35th Jeremy Lohman Jeremy Lohman $1,012
36th Kathy Dunn Kathy Dunn $955
37th Jerome Butterbrodt Jerome Butterbrodt $920
38th Alex Sandoval Alex Sandoval $916
39th Jagadesh Ganti Jagadesh Ganti $882
40th Karen A. Thompson Karen A. Thompson $879