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Rank Name Raised
117th Arby Davis Arby Davis $215
117th Dennis Premo Dennis Premo $215
119th You Qing Lin You Qing Lin $210
119th Zachary S Meyer Zachary S Meyer $210
121st Bill Lundy Bill Lundy $207
122nd Richard Khan Richard Khan $206
123rd Kevin Wendt Kevin Wendt $205
124th Jennifer Hunt Jennifer Hunt $204
125th Dan Dederick Dan Dederick $202
126th Tracey Klein Tracey Klein $201
127th George Hoffman George Hoffman $200
127th Margaret Carroll Margaret Carroll $200
127th Sheila Amaral Sheila Amaral $200
130th Andy Brough Andy Brough $197
131st Mark Oliver Mark Oliver $195
132nd Darlene Stewart Darlene Stewart $70
132nd Wpaul Cupp Wpaul Cupp $191
133rd Rose Rybicki Rose Rybicki $190
133rd Tara Ortiz Tara Ortiz $190
135th Brian Phelps Brian Phelps $186