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Rank Name Raised
244th Kayla White Kayla White $1,065
245th Mateo Maestas Mateo Maestas 6years $1,059
246th Jerry Krsnich Jerry Krsnich 4years $1,058
247th Robin O'Dougherty Robin O'Dougherty 3years $1,051
248th Joshua Manchester Joshua Manchester 2years $1,049
249th John Bagley John Bagley 6years $1,049
250th Susan Jago Susan Jago 3years $1,048
251st Jerry Thielen Jerry Thielen 4years $1,040
252nd Sean Flynn Sean Flynn 3years $1,039
253rd Edmund Damron Edmund Damron 7years $1,037
254th Robert Reyes Robert Reyes 3years $1,035
255th Gary Zito Gary Zito 2years $1,035
255th Robert Hess Robert Hess $1,035
257th David Mabee David Mabee 4years $1,031
258th Gordon Blakey Gordon Blakey 5years $1,031
259th Jim Norris Jim Norris 4years $1,029
260th Judy Coe Rapaport Judy Coe Rapaport 3years $1,029
261st Emily Lane Emily Lane 6years $1,028
262nd Rex Saffer Rex Saffer 2years $1,025
263rd Emily Gauthier Emily Gauthier $1,020