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Rank Name Raised
115th Zach Jurney Zach Jurney 3years $5,204
116th Sandy Lutz Sandy Lutz 5years $5,198
117th jc curry jc curry $5,164
118th Lisa Christiansen Lisa Christiansen 4years $5,104
119th Jennifer D'Alessio Jennifer D'Alessio 2years $5,087
120th Donald Adetoye Donald Adetoye 2years $5,077
121st Amedeo Gallotto Amedeo Gallotto 2years $5,072
122nd Nicholas Chappell Nicholas Chappell 2years $5,072
123rd Jesse Davis Jesse Davis 4years $5,040
124th Keith Young Keith Young 5years $5,030
125th Mark Collette Mark Collette 3years $5,003
126th Kirk Clague Kirk Clague 4years $5,002
127th gary eisen gary eisen 3years $4,997
128th David Spitulnik David Spitulnik 4years $4,996
129th Larry Schieve Larry Schieve 4years $4,987
130th Mary Lynn Grizzell Mary Lynn Grizzell 3years $4,965
131st Joe Peritore Joe Peritore 4years $4,957
132nd Craig Burlingame Craig Burlingame 2years $4,912
133rd Larry Albright Larry Albright $4,905
134th Michael and Mrs. Scheer Michael and Mrs. Scheer 5years $4,905