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Rank Name Raised
23rd Kenny Weddle Kenny Weddle 3years $12,085
7778th Carl Hancock Carl Hancock 6years $535
9600th KEN McCain KEN McCain $442
6202nd Dave Sarcevic Dave Sarcevic 5years $631
N/A Philip Gartman Philip Gartman 3years $0
14762nd Huascar Beato Huascar Beato $97
N/A Jeff Cunningham Jeff Cunningham 3years $0
N/A Richard Nicholson Richard Nicholson 4years $0
2099th Francis Condell Francis Condell 5years $1,396
2249th peter ahee peter ahee 4years $1,327
13173rd Mike Fitzsimmons Mike Fitzsimmons 3years $150
5732nd Tom James Tom James 5years $675
N/A RJ Christensen RJ Christensen $0
7890th bill fairweather bill fairweather $529
507th Ciaran Tully Ciaran Tully 4years $3,128
10129th Andrew Knickerbocker Andrew Knickerbocker 3years $374
3863rd Michael Skillrud Michael Skillrud 4years $941
11090th 5 Beyah 5 Beyah $279
2365th Douglas Auld Douglas Auld 2years $1,280
13312th Scott Patton Scott Patton 2years $142